Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month

#UnitedWeShare-ables: A Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month Toolkit

Welcome to Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month! Throughout September, we celebrate survivors and boost awareness under this year's theme: 'Rappel for Resilience, Walk for Wellness.' Discover what this month stands for, and explore the wealth of resources and materials we've prepared to empower your support. Entitled #UnitedWeShare-ables, your toolkit is regularly refreshed with new content. Be sure to check back often for fresh materials to share.

The Toolkit is a One-Stop Shop:

  • Access social media content to raise awareness about brain aneurysms and the strength and resilience of our community.
  • Learn best practices for sharing content regarding brain health.
  • Get promotional materials to support brain aneurysm awareness throughout September and beyond.

How to Use the Toolkit:

  • Copy, download, and share our social media messages, graphics, and promotional materials with your audience.
  • Use our campaign hashtag, #UnitedWeShare, when posting about Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month.
  • Combine our tools with the guidance in Best Practices to engage your communities effectively.
  • Note that TAAF materials are designed for sharing and some can be customized to include YOUR photo.

Toolkit Contents:

  • Key Messages and Weekly Themes
  • Social Media #UnitedWeShare-ables (Week 1: September 1-8)
  • Social Media #UnitedWeShare-ables (Week 2: September 9-15)
  • Social Media #UnitedWeShare-ables (Week 3: September 16-22)
  • Social Media #UnitedWeShare-ables (Week 4: September 23-30)
  • Hashtag Guidance
  • Customizable Graphics
  • Email Signature

Key Messages and Weekly Themes


The key messages and weekly themes outlined below provide a foundation from which you can develop messages that'll really hit home with your crowd. This year, we're pulling out all the stops with TAAFWalk Over the Edge, a wild 2-day extravaganza featuring urban rappelling, and the grand finale is our 18th Annual Aneurysm and AVM Awareness Walk. So, it makes perfect sense that our Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month theme is 'Rappel for Resilience, Walk for Wellness.'

You can go with our Weekly Themes, or take your own path. These themes and key messages are like your creative road signs. Dive in, whip up your posts, and if you're looking for a head start, we've got some pre-made social media stuff ready for #UnitedWeShare!

Week 1 Theme: Rappel for Resilience
Highlight the thrill and courage of rappelling as a symbol of resilience in the face of brain aneurysms.

Key Message Week 1:
Join us as we kick off Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month by celebrating the incredible resilience of survivors. Rappelling like in TAAAFWalk Over the Edge may seem daring, but it symbolizes the strength and determination needed by survivors and their families to overcome the fear surrounding brain aneurysms. Share your stories of resilience with #UnitedWeShare.

Week 2 Theme: Walking for Wellness
Emphasize the importance of walking as an act of wellness and solidarity.

Key Message Week 2:
In September, we TAAFWalk. Whether local or around the globe, every step is an act of solidarity and counts in the journey toward brain aneurysm awareness. Plus, walking keeps high blood pressure at bay, a major risk factor for the development and rupture of brain aneurysms. Share your walking plans and goals using our customizable graphic template. Together, we stride toward a healthier future. #UnitedWeShare

Week 3 Theme: Stronger Together
Show the connection between rappelling and walking in the fight against brain aneurysms.

Key Message Week 3:
Rappelling signifies the courage to conquer challenges, while walking symbolizes the journey toward wellness. As we continue to raise awareness about brain aneurysms, we invite you to share your or your family's Top 5 Ways to Conquer the Fear Surrounding a Brain Aneurysm Diagnosis. Together, we're working toward a brighter, more informed community, so we stay #UnitedWeShare.

Week 4 Theme: From Heights of Bravery to Walks of Hope
Theme: Share stories of individuals who have braved heights of hemorrhagic stroke resulting from a brain aneurysm only to have walked a new journey of hope in their recovery.

Key Message 4:
As we wrap up Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month, we reflect on the incredible journeys of those who have faced the heights of a hemorrhagic stroke (rupture) caused by a brain aneurysm. Through resilience and determination, they've walked a new path of hope during recovery. Share your own story or stories that have inspired you. Your experiences and insights have illuminated this month with hope. Together, we rise. #UnitedWeShare

Reminder: This structure provides an organized and engaging way to present key messages and weekly themes for your Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month campaign, but you should feel encouraged to create your own theme, your own path.

Social Media #UnitedWeShare-ables (Week 1: September 1-8)


Graphics were made using Canva. You will need a free Canva account to add your photos, etc. Grab your free account here, then enjoy sharing any of the graphics all month long

Hashtag Guidance


Use the following hashtags to tie all Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month–related content together. Using these hashtags will serve as a unifying thread for social media content related to Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month, making it easy for people to find and follow the conversations:
  • #UnitedWeShare (primary hashtag)
  • #BrainAneurysmAwarenessMonth
  • #BrainAneurysmAwareness
  • #BrainAneurysmSurvivor
  • #1in50
  • #StrongerTogether

Best Practices

  • Tag The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation:
    • Instagram: @taaf_org
    • Facebook: @theaneurysmandavmfoundation
    • X (Twitter): @taaf
      • Tag TAAF to show support and increase your chances of being reposted.
  • Use the Key Messages:
    • Incorporate the provided key messages into your content to align with TAAF's messaging.
  • Incorporate Weekly Themes:
    • Tailor your content each week according to the designated theme for Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month.
  • Use the Hashtags:
    • Utilize official hashtags, especially #UnitedWeShare, to amplify TAAF's key messages and enhance discoverability.
  • Promote Resources:
    • Share TAAF's resources to provide valuable information and support to individuals dealing with brain aneurysms.
By following these best practices, you'll contribute to a more unified and effective Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month campaign.

Customizable Graphics


Customizable Graphics were made using Canva. You will need a free Canva account to add your photos, etc. Grab your free account here, then enjoy giving TAAF graphics your personal touches.

The following are links to customizable graphics. Check back regularly as content will be added throughout the month:

Email Signature


Utilize the Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month email signature template in all your email communications throughout September. This not only helps raise awareness but also builds brand recognition for this important observance.