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Date: 4/17/2020


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The New Date

Date: 3/23/2020


TAAFWalk LIVE Explainer Video

3 Ways to Join TAAFWalk LIVE

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Date: 3/13/2020

Join us for TAAFWalk LIVE


Out of an abundance of caution regarding COVID-19, and to prioritize the health and safety of our event attendees, the Board of Directors of The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation (TAAF) has made the decision to alter the way that we and our community celebrate our Anniversary Awareness Walk on May 3rd, 2020.  TAAFWalk 2020, renamed TAAFWalk LIVE, will now be celebrated coast-to-coast in a shared, live broadcast format aimed at supporting the interactive camaraderie walkers have become used to while also providing event opportunity in the safety of your home communities

We thank everyone for your calls and outreach of continued support as we've puzzled through these new changes and are delighted to share the developing plan for May 3rd's, TAAFWalk LIVE


How will it work?

The change in direction to TAAFWalk LIVE continues our TAAFWalk traditions but in a live broadcast format. Incorporating a stellar 1.5 hour broadcast emceed in San Francisco by a professional and TAAF hosts, TAAFWalk LIVE will include remote grantees and guest speakers, produced video from registered walkers/friends of TAAF/TAAF Youth Ambassadors/celebrities, and live video-in and call-in opportunities for our community. Presented on our completely customizable sound stage, we will offer each part of our typical Walk celebration from band clips… to in memoriam photos… to new technology, all from the comfort of one’s own home.  So that you don’t miss the regular exercise of the Walk, we will start at a later time, 3PM EST/12PM PST.  Only registered walkers can view the live stream, but the final recording, including a massive Anniversary video, will be made permanently available on our website.  With TAAFWalk LIVE, we will be able to enjoy the Awareness Walk in the moment… and for years to come. 

Stay updated by checking this page or by following us on our social media channels (FB, TW, IG).


How can I be part of the action?

As a registered walker by April 10th, you are eligible to:

  • Share your personal pre-recorded video to be included in the 15th Anniversary Celebration video debuted during TAAFWalk LIVE.
  • Qualify as one of five teams/individuals chosen to go live FROM YOUR HOMETOWN the day of TAAFWalk LIVE. (Teams/individuals chosen randomly.)
  • Interact with TAAF hosts during the live broadcast.  We will try to take as many callers as we can. Yay!
  • Receive the 15th Anniversary TAAFWalk tee.
  • Receive any qualifiable fundraising prizes. (Advocate Level--$150 and over raised; BRAINSTORMER Level--Top 15 fundraisers.)
  • View the exclusive live broadcast from your home.
  • Walkers registered after 4/10/2020 may not qualify to be included in pre-recorded content or live day-of feeds as this content and arrangements takes time to prepare. You will still qualify for call-ins, tees, fundraising prizes and live viewing.


But what about fundraising?

We understand that the financial impact of this decision is huge. This event is budgeted to raise nearly $100,000, money that has already been committed to TAAF’s many programs as well as cerebrovascular research. Can we count on your help?

  1. Walk with US—If you’re registered or were planning to register, please stand with us on May 3rd by walking in your community. Both TAAFWalk 2020 tees and fundraising prizes will be awarded as you have come to expect.  In addition everyone registered by April 10th,
    1. will be eligible to be included in a special Anniversary video to be premiered the day of the TAAFWalk LIVE, and…
    2. will qualify to be chosen as one of the five teams/individuals to go live FROM YOUR HOMETOWN.
  2. Fund-a-Need—”Raise your paddle” for TAAF online! Your contribution means more than ever. Remember that 100% of all donations outside of registration is tax-deductible. Click here!
  3. Sponsor a Team—Walk Teams are a proud bunch and they will compete! Given that TAAFWalk LIVE offers them the chance to be broadcast live, they may even increase their fundraising goals. You can make that difference! All donations, big and small, add up and put them in contention for that live spot. Choose your favorite here!


What if I can’t participate now?

That’s ok too; we really do understand.  If you’d prefer to have a refund, just let us know by emailing us at info@taafonline.org.  Don’t want a refund?  We hear you.  We’d be honored to consider your registration as a donation to the overall Walk effort and thank you for standing with us again in 2020.

Date: 3/11/2020