Your Amazing TAAFWalk Teams

What YOU said about your TAAFWalk 2020 Team

For our 15th Anniversary, we asked teams to answer the questions: What makes YOUR team special?  And while some of you chose to keep that a secret (we get it--don't give away all the cool tricks), most of you answered with enthusiasm and flair...  you know, the way TAAFWalkers usually do.

Here's just a sample of those inspiring answers...

We walk in honor of our mother who passed from a burst brain aneurysm.  We are forever grateful to TAAF for raising awareness of this devastating disease.

This is my ten year anniversary and in the very early days TAAF saved me.  I'm here, alive and kickin!

We are Family!

These are my friends, loved ones, family - People who know that together we get this done. We're like every other team.

My daughter's father (Neiron Ball) passed away due to complications of an AVM. We walk in honor of him.

What makes our team special is each one of us. We all support each other no matter the age or size of the person and no matter the challenge we are facing whether individually or collectively.

We are so grateful to all of the Doctors and Nurses who donate their time to raise awareness and for this incredible cause.  Your support means everything.

Morgan suffered an AVM rupture on 5/14/2020. He has been home since 7/24 with a ton more therapy to recovery. This is very special to use to help spread awareness.

We were fortunate enough to have our team led by Dr. William L. Young until his untimely passing in 2013.  We continue to walk in his memory and to all that are fighting this disease worldwide.

Giovanni has directly benefited from TAAF.  With TAAF's help we were able to find the most experienced doctor for Giovanni's AVM resection.  Giovanni is now AVM FREE and we owe the world to TAAF!

AVM survivor. Born with a noticeable AVM at birth, 1981. Been fighting for 39 years !

My family has continued to support my efforts to increase aneurysm & avm awareness.  They have been by my side since the day of my aneurysm rupture/SAH and everyday of my recovery.

My family knows that those with an AVM can also have aneurysms BECAUSE I DID.  We're doing everything we can to tell others.

This is our 1st time participating in the TAAFWalk and we are doing it remotely from our town square! The team leader is TAAF Youth Ambassador Laila Smith.

We're a diverse Multisport team and one of our teammates is an AVM survivor.

I'm Mindy Burke, and I will be celebrating my two year anniversary of brain embolization for an AVM on August 1st. My team consists of my husband, my sons; 22,20,16 and, myself. We're really excited to walk and bring AVM awareness to Austin, TX!

We are walking for Kyler who has a grade IV AVM! His first bleed was on 4/10/2020 but this AVM Warrior has fully recovered and is in search of treatment that will one day lead to a full recovery. 

I am a 14 year, ruptured AVM survivor and my family and friends are my amazing caregivers!

This team is comprised of friends and family of Jess, a mom and researcher in the Bay Area who is living with an inoperable AVM/CPA.

On may 6th & 7th I had life saving surgery to remove 3 aneurisms and a 7mm AVM. Without the team of doctors working on my case & the amount of support, I don't know where I would of been in this point in time, so I'd like to give back for a better future.

Our team is headed by a teen with perseverance.  The road has been rocky, but she still walks forward and doesn't stop.

In Memory of Ben McDonough.

Every member is a miracle!  Molly survived a ruptured aneurysm.  Yale survived Molly's aneurysm and has provided unwavering loving support for over 14 years.  Aiden and Grace are post aneurysm miracles giving the world amazing light and love.

We are a team celebrating two lifelong friends with vascular malformations.

They're a group of some of my BIGGEST supporters!

10/19 I lost my dad to a burst AVM. He was an extraordinary man & an inspiration to all.He was the recipient of many community awards incl Cesar Chavez & MLK awards.We will walk in his honor & to spread awareness to the community & our medical colleagues.

We have been with TAAF since the beginning and will continue to support TAAF through thick & thin.

We are supporting the recovery of Bryn, 27 year old ICU nurse who ruptured undiagnosed AVM on 5/20/19 with re bleed 6 days later.

Victorious Vickie is walking and talking after surviving a double brain aneurysm!

She survived a AVM ruptured.

Ricky is an AVM rupture survivor beating the odds on step at a time.

In memory of Zilda Catig, a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother who bravely fought a Type III Arteriovenous Malformation for six years. #TeamCatig4AVM2020  #hoppinforAVMawareness

Our mother died of an aneurysm rupture on 11/18/2018.

2016 survivor, 6 brain procedures, another procedure scheduled March 2020

Aneurysms didn't wait for me to live my life, and my team isn't waiting for them to destroy someone else's.  We're here to stay!  Thanks TAAF!

We're made up of the most dedicated members of the Medical, Donor, Caregiver, and Survivor Communities.

In memory of baby boy. William Nauman.

Our 7 year old daughter Danielle is an AVM survivor. She has shown incredible strength and resilience. Danielle is eager to help others with the same diagnosis and aspires to be a pediatric neurosurgeon!

Everybody in the team is FAMILY, nothing beats how special that already is. Lost my father 18 years to this horrible disease. Time to support it World Wide.

Nisha, an AVM survivor of almost 3 years, and her fellow warriors are here to bring their mamba mentality in efforts to raise money and awareness for a very important cause.

Team Project V would like to honor our beautiful Vanessa Hingada. She loved volunteering and donating to foundations/projects to help the less fortunate. We would like to give back as we know this will make her happy.

We are walking for our 4 year old son who is an AVM survivor.

We are a group of AVM and Aneurysm survivors from Texas that meet occasionally locally for support and friendship.

We lost Adolfo to a ruptured aneurysm  3 years ago. We would have celebrated his 50th birthday a 2 weeks before this walk.  So, I am inviting friends and family to come celebrate his memory and raise some much needed funds for TAAF!!!

I started this journey with my mom.. Now I walk this journey in memory or my loving mom.