Gala in Wonderland Sponsors, Partners and Friends

We'd like to thank our generous
Gala in Wonderland SPONSORS, PARTNERS and FRIENDS! 

In honor of 14 years of service and support to the greater aneurysm and AVM community, The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation (TAAF) is celebrating the legacy of our founders at our Gala in Wonderland, 3rd Annual Founders' Gala, August 10, 2019 at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Recognizing the contribution of our esteemed colleague, honoree Dr. Wade Smith, Gala in Wonderland is unique in that all proceeds raised from this "Alice-inspired" fundraiser will benefit novel aneurysm and AVM research by supporting our Cerebrovascular Research Grant program. 

As a community-oriented non-profit organization, we rely on the support of volunteers, businesses, and the medical community to ensure the success of our events and programs.  By supporting Gala in Wonderland, each sponsor becomes a research assistant, impacting research that can change the lives of those affected by aneurysm and AVM.

This list is ever growing, but we're pleased to introduce you to each of those friends here*:

Wonderland Sponsor-$20,000

Spencer and Roberta Kaitz and Family

Painting the Roses Sponsor-$10,000

Peter Schaffer and Family

Lou Lavigne and Nancy Rothman

Curiouser and Curiouser Sponsor-$5,000

Robert Cooke and Paula Brooks

The Queen’s Sponsors-$2000

John Rubenstein and Karen Richardson

The King’s Sponsors-$1000

Steven Chen

*Guests of sponsors not all listed. Some sponsors may have purchased more than one sponsorship. Anonymous sponsors also not listed.

Special thanks to the following donors for their additional contributions:

Dan Cooke, MD                           Wade Smith, MD

JC Hemphill                                Dan Lowenstein

Angela Shing

*Anonymous donors not listed.

In-Kind Sponsors and Partners 

We are extremely fortunate at TAAF to stand beside amazing supporters, and this gala was no different.  Thank you to the following truly fantastic companies and individuals who donated directly and indirectly to the success of our Gala in Wonderland Founders' Gala: 

Jack Dunlop, The Courageous Indeed
That's Jack Dunlop and Jack is both a friend and a caretaker of memories.  You probably remember him from last year (how could you not?).  While we cannot yet reveal why Jack is so important to this year’s Founders' Gala, we look forward to sharing his story with EVERYone soon!

Choose Me & You
Looking to host a soiree of your own?  Look no further than Me & You SF without whom we'd still be in the planning stages and would have had even fewer laughs. They're simply good people!

Bow Down to PROP2C! 

When we say that Gala in Wonderland would not exist without the love and attention of the professionals at PROPS2Cwe mean it!  Thanks to the generosity of this group we can not only claim that guests will feel like they’ve escaped down the rabbit hole with Alice, we can even say that we have made real friends.

Their promise is “YOU REQUEST THE THEME, WE CREATE YOUR DREAM,” and we’d say that’s a promise you can count on.  Special thanks to Monique for all of the 1000’s of emails.  You guys are the best!

Be Merry Indeed! 
The Eat Drink Be Merry Catering Co. prides themselves on putting clients first and customizing every menu for each event.  Last year’s Founders' Gala was no exception. We felt every bit of that care and are delighted to bring them back again this year. Between the talent of Chef Tom Voss and attention of Event Planner, wife and co-owner, Nina Voss, we could not be more confident that our guests will be pleased.

Not so TinyB
When our buddies at Tiny B Chocolate describe a brigadeiro as Brazil's favorite treat, they aren’t kidding. We were overwhelmed by their taste and the friendliness of the chocolatiers as well. Thanks to Emily and everyone for introducing us to this intense chocolate experience. As they say, there’s nothing tiny about these brigadeiros.

Oui, Yum!
We are so thankful to our confectioner friends at Collette Macarons for indulging our sweet tooth with their donation. Check them out the next time you're feeling French and need a sugar fix. Oui, yum!

Tap Your Toes to Their Magic!
From DJ’s to lighting to rentals to emcees and more; when you read that the folks at Magic Entertainment are “All the Rave,” believe them. With nearly 20 years’ experience, we are thrilled have Terry Newberry and crew help us welcome guests to Wonderland.  

Say Cheese w/Steven Gregory
We could not look as good as we do without the help of the uber talented Steven Gregory of Steven Gregory Photography.  Say cheese and then schedule a new head shot for work, an anniversary out on the town, or a holiday sitting for you an your family!  And i.f you're attending the gala, you may even win a photo shoot at the silent auction.



Brian and Manya Nelson
--Your prizes will be the delight of the event, and certainly will ensure that we stay in the know on local art. Thank you for helping us make this part of the event so special.

Ariel Meave--Your volunteerism has been such a boon for TAAF, and your perspective is always to be trusted. Thank you for adding that little something we always need!  Thanks too for your décor donations.  Again, we will look our best because of YOU!

And a VERY SPECIAL thank you to Maria O' Reilly, Chris Ohrt, Lina Kan, Jeff Chon, Sue Xu, Jeff Chen and Ariel Meave--You are a group of outstanding volunteers and even more amazing people.  Thank you!  We couldn't accomplish any of this without all of YOU!

Jeff Chen, Lisa Hannegan, Manya Nelson and Bobbi Lynn Jones--Thank you for keeping our "spirits" up with your wine donations.  And an extra thanks to Jeff for sponsoring much of the wine pull.  Please check out Napa Classical for more information on the wines Jeff donated.

Bridget Falcone—You may not have lived here, but San Francisco sure is in your blood.  Thank you so much for your exciting donation! There’s little 49ers fans will like more… next to watching the Cowboys lose of course. And of course, a giant thanks to Scott Bane and Joe Staley himself.

Traci Luther—Won’t some clever bidder luck into meeting you?! Many thanks for your donation. Now everyone will know the secret of how to look so good! Call Traci at (925) 565-3860 or stop by Bobbie Freitas Salon in Lafayette, CA.

Katherine Sakoda & Kristin Symon—Where is our giant foam “We’re #1 Finger” when we need it… because we would point it back at the two of you.  Thank you so much for your generous donation. Chase Center is one thing, but the Warriors are a party in and of themselves!

Crystal Boyd—Given your 20+ years of experience in textile, graphic and now tattoo art, we are not surprised to receive a donation as lovely as yours. We’re just over the moon that you keep thinking of us. Thank you so much!

Hey GA… Crystal is not only an artist at Pur Ink in Alpharetta, but she is the owner as well. How’s that for women (and in her case, caregiver too) runnin the show?!  

Christina Beverly of Jessup Cellars—Thank you for supporting TAAF’s mission once again. Your donation will help us support our research program while ensuring some lucky bidder visits the “friendliest tasting room in the Napa Valley.” Cheers! 

Maria O'Reilly--With your help some lucky bidder will delight at the performances of the world-renown San Francisco Opera. Thank you so much!

Opening night is right around the corner, September 6th.

Dina Chon—You’re the motor; keep revvin.’  Thank you!