Application: 2023 Cerebrovascular Research Grant Award

The application period for the 2023 grant season is OPEN. Applications due no later than March 6th, 2023. All applicants will be alerted of results on or before May 15th, 2023.


The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation (TAAF) seeks applications for scientific research projects that will significantly move the field forward toward effective understanding of the mechanisms of cerebrovascular disease as they relate to aneurysms, AVMs and complex vascular malformations. The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation Grants respond to the cerebrovascular community's need for projects that highlight innovative research strategies that will support the development of novel therapies, clinical management and recovery for adult and/or pediatric patients.  Awards will be granted at a maximum of $25,000. Funds will not be granted for indirect costs. The award is open to all levels of investigators.  Grant recipients will present their research at TAAF’s Annual Meeting (which historically has been TAAF’s Annual Aneurysm and AVM Awareness Walk held the first Sunday of May). The specific meeting date and location will be announced later. Grant awardees or an appropriate representative must attend the Annual Meeting and present results of funded research.


At the end of each grant year a progress report is required and a final report is mandatory upon timely completion of the project.  Grant recipients are expected to publish their results in peer-reviewed scientific journals and/or present their findings at scientific conferences. It is mandatory that proper reference be made to The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation (TAAF) in all manuscripts, poster presentations, news releases or institutional publications resulting from this grant-supported work.  Reprints and copies should be sent to TAAF.


In conjunction with the reporting requirements, grant recipients are expected to include The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation (TAAF) when referencing their project on social media platforms.  TAAF utilizes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but would expect to be included in any platform when grantee references the granted project.


Individuals involved in basic science, clinical care and epidemiological studies may submit applications. Currently, we are only accepting applications from investigators from the United States and Canada.  Past TAAF grant recipients may apply. Scientific Advisory Council members may apply. In addition, TAAF may solicit applications. The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation requires full and timely disclosure regarding potential financial and/or intellectual overlap with other grant applications and/or other funded projects. The required disclosure will not affect a grant's scientific review or consideration. As TAAF does not provide overlapping funds, receipt of an overlapping grant award will impact the level of funding awarded. However, TAAF will provide the maximum benefit possible. Failure to disclose the required information in a timely manner will result in an administrative disqualification of an application or the withdrawal of a grant award.


All applicants must submit an application that includes the following information:

  • Contact Information
  • Biographical Sketch for Principal Investigator including Other Support (NIH format or equivalent)
  • Budget with justification
  • Research proposal (project aims, impact on the field, and overview of scientific research approach not to exceed 3 pages). 

Please note that font should be at least 10-point font and no more than six lines of type per vertical inch. Margins should be one-half inch for all pages (top, bottom, left, and right).

Applications must be submitted electronically to as a single PDF file. You will receive e-mail confirmation of our receipt of your application.


Selected members of the TAAF Research Committee and TAAF research staff will review applications. The TAAF Board of Directors will make the final award decision. All applicants will be informed of the final decision about the status of their application. All applications are due by March 6, 2023. Applicants will be notified of the final decision on or before May 15th, 2023.

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QUESTIONS: Please direct all questions to The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation is an equal opportunity organization.

THANK YOU for your interest in The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation's 2023 Grant for Cerebrovascular Research. Please submit your application by email. You may reach us at with any questions.