Find Your Lifeline with TAAF

"I wish I'd found TAAF sooner.
You've made such a difference in my life."

While this lovely testament was recently shared, it's a common refrain, which is why we created our new PSA. WE want to find YOU sooner, too. Share this amazing tool today, and help a fellow brain aneurysm, AVM or stroke member access the care and resources they need.

Find your lifeline at TAAFONLINE.ORG!
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Special thanks to our friends Zach Braff, Shelby Jensen, Thomas "Ridlaa" Tyrrel, Raylene Lewis, Dr. Ravi Gandhi, Nancy Nauman, and the star and director of the upcoming short film, Time Bomb, Stuart Maxheimer and David Melkonian. Your contribution to this project fills our hearts and will touch the lives of many.

Director: David Melkonian @neutralmelkhotel
Florida Filming: Josh Riemer @joshriemer
Editor: Anthony Egiziano @gzy.edits