Walker Wednesday: Meet Kimmie

What Is Walker Wednesday?     
Walker Wednesday is a day dedicated to stories of TAAF Walk-ers just like YOU!  Theirs are tales of courage, hardship, sacrifice, love and so much more detailing the odyssey faced by those affected by aneurysm and AVM.  Whether you TAAF Walk to express your joy, sorrow, lessons learned or simply the power of community, we hope you will see yourself in the sharing of these stories.

Meet Kimmie Boyd     
Kimmie may be young, but this Georgian sophomore advocates and TAAF Walks like no other. She's been to DC twice in support of TAAF, and this will be her 4th TAAF Walk adventure.  Kimmie is even prominently featured in our welcome video, Meet TAAF. See what we mean when you check out her TAAF Walk Team! Please enjoy that video and her story below; please Meet Kimmie!

Meet Kimmie

Hi Everyone! My name is Kimmie Boyd. On May 31, I will be celebrating my 4th year as an AVM survivor.  

Kimmie Picnics at TAAF Walk

Please help me celebrate by supporting me as I walk in San Francisco to show the world that I will never give up the fight, I will never stop spreading awareness and advocating or being part of such a great support group called TAAF.

KImmie Advocating in DC on Behalf of TAAF

I’m grateful to this organization and the friends I’ve made here. I’m asking that each of my friends to please donate. Every donation, big or small, is important.

Donations Flying In

Fundraising goes to awareness programs, research and prevention.  Research is what will help identify and prevent aneurysms and AVMs from rupturing, causing brain injuries and death. 

Aneurysms are more common than people realize and AVMs might be rare but are just as devastating. (Click here, or on my photo below, to see me in the video Meet TAAF.)

Kimmie Making View Meet TAAF

TAAF Walk is how I celebrate my surviving.  

  • I walk and do fundraising because I don’t want another person to have to go through what I’ve been through.

Kimmie Before and After

  • I walk because I don’t want another family to lose a loved one.  
  • I walk to show the world what a survivor looks like.
  • Finally, I will walk this year to honor other survivors, caregivers and people who lost their fight to an AVM or aneurysm. 

Kimmie with Fellow Survivor Neiron Ball

I will #BetheLight! 


Thank you for supporting me and following my story these last 4 years.

Kimmie's Team

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