Havana Nights Founders' Gala Sponsors

We'd like to thank our generous Havana Nights

With Your Help, We're #ALLInTo100!

In honor of 13 years of service and support to the greater aneurysm and AVM community, The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation (TAAF) is celebrating the legacy of our founders at our Havana Nights Founders' Gala, August 4th.  A bit out of our ordinary, Havana Nights is unique in that all proceeds raised from this "casino-style" fundraiser will benefit novel aneurysm and AVM research by supporting our Cerebrovascular Research Grant program. 

As a community-oriented non-profit organization, we rely on the support of volunteers, businesses, and the medical community to ensure the success of our events and programs.  By supporting the Havana Nights Founders' Gala, each sponsor becomes a research assistant, impacting research that can change the lives of those affected by aneurysm and AVM. Moreover, with the generous matching grant of $50,000 from the Spencer and Roberta Kaitz Family, each sponsor has the chance to DOUBLE his/her impact helping us raise $100,000!  

This list is ever growing, but we're pleased to introduce you to each of those friends here*:

High Roller Sponsor-$10,000

Spencer Kaitz      Roberta Kaitz        Monica Tilly-Kaitz

Alex Kaitz           Diana Kaitz           Tom and Anne Rackerby  

Chris and Angela Cohen

Royal Flush Sponsor-$5,000

Larry and Camille Ruvo

Full House Sponsors-$3,000

The Delaney Family

Ace Sponsor-$1,000

Fred Nelson & Suzy Fitzgerald

Mike & Lisa Hannegan

Evye Szanto              Chris Lammers

King Sponsor-$500

Daniel Cooke, MD & Elisha Jussen-Cooke

Jean-Luc Szpakowski & Gloria Polanski

Rodnay Zaks

Wade Smith, MD & Janeen Smith

Queen Sponsor-$300

Gwen Morris              CJ Hirschfield              Max Morris

Bobbi Lynn Jones & Lex Campbell

Adib Abla, MD & Elina Abla

Tatsiana Nasevich & Nghi Phan

Matt Deems & Dawn Resney-Deems

Helen Kim, Dr. & Matthias Zehner

Caleb Rutledge, MD & Katherine Rutledge

Angela Shing

Jack Sponsor-$125

Giorgia Garrett              Effie Pappas              Steve Lawrence

Maria O'Reilly & Kevin Dorgan                        
Brandon Romer

John & Erinne Morse                                     Larry Chaset

Gretchen Dumas                                          Helen Van Grinsven

Carol Usem                                                 Vivian Reyes

Patricia Kaitz Pascoe & Christopher Pascoe

Ethan Winkler & Kaitie Nielsen

*Guests of sponsors not all listed. Some sponsors may have purchased more than one sponsorship within a level. Anonymous sponsors also not listed.

Special thanks to the following donors for their additional contributions:

Tom and Anne Rackerby              Monica Tilly-Kaitz
Gwen Morris                               Giorgia Garrett
Matt Mihalik                                Dan Cooke, MD
Fred Nelson                                Adib Albla, MD
Carol Bruch                                Evye Szanto
Chris Lammers                           Max Morris
Vivian Reyes                               Richard Kaitz
Manya Nelson                             Deb Toy-Benzel
Wade Smith, MD                         Douglas Mo
Angela Shing

In-Kind Sponsors and Partners 

We are extremely fortunate at TAAF to stand beside amazing supporters, and this gala was no different.  Thank you to the following truly amazing companies and individuals who donated directly and indirectly to the success of the Havana Nights Founders' Gala: 

OpTic CouRage
That's Jack and Jack is both a friend and a caretaker of memories.  While we cannot yet reveal why Jack is so important to The Havana Nights Founders' Gala, we look forward to sharing his story with EVERYone! Watch this space.

Me & You SF

Looking to host a soiree of your own?  Look no further than Me & You SF without whom we'd still be in the planning stages and would have had even fewer laughs. They're simply good people!

Steven Gregory Photography
We could not look as good as we do without the help of the uber talented Steven Gregory of Steven Gregory Photography.  Say cheese and then schedule a new head shot for work, an anniversary out on the town, or a holiday sitting for you an your family!

Eat Drink Be Merry Catering Co 
The Eat Drink Be Merry Catering Co. prides themselves on putting clients first and customizing every menu for each event.  The Founders' Gala was no exception, and we felt every bit of that care. Between the talent of Chef Tom Voss and attention of Event Planner, wife and co-owner, Nina Voss, we could not be more confident that our guests will be
Mission Minis Cupcakes 
We are so thankful to our confectioner friends at Mission Minis for indulging our sweet tooth with their donation. Check them out the next time you need a sugar fix.  

Portable Party DJs
If you know Jerry, then you have boogied. A professional with over 20 years experience, we are thrilled have Jerry Schultz of Portable Party Crew-West help us welcome guests to old Havana.

Energy Dance Fitness
What would a Havana-themed event be without salsa?! Thanks to the generosity of dance phenom Fujiko Shepherd from Energy Dance Fitness we will never have to find out because she has volunteered to take us on a tour of all things Caribbean dance. Thank you Fujiko and thanks too to Energy Dance Fitness.


The Kaitz Family--
Your home is almost as lovely as your magnanimous spirits and warm-hearted hospitality.  Thank you for all that you have done in providing the backdrop for the success of the Founders' Gala.  40 Crocker will always hold a special place in our memories.

Ariel Meave
--Your volunteerism has been such a boon for our event, and your perspective has been a delight. Thank you too for your decor donations. How lovely we will look because of you!

The Kaitz Family, Maria O' Reilly, John Morse, Chris Ohrt, Maggie Griffith, Shafiqa Goins, Lina Kan, and Ariel Meave--You are a group of outstanding volunteers and even more amazing people.  Thank you!  We couldn't accomplish any of this without all of YOU!  And a VERY SPECIAL thank you to Diana and Alex Kaitz for their endless help at 40 Crocker.  You're the best!

Manya Nelson--Your prizes will be the delight of the event, and certainly will ensure that we stay in the know on local art.

Lisa Hannegan & Bobbi Lynn Jones--Thank you for keeping our "spirits" up with your wine donations.

Dina Chon--Our sweets table would be sour and our Welcome station empty.  Thank you!