World Gratitude Day

World Gratitude Day

First celebrated in 1965, World Gratitude Day (also called Peace Day) was adopted by the UN and is recognized annually as a day to show appreciation. Last year we received several submissions for our The Face of Brain Aneurysm and It's Only Rare Until It Happens to You: The Face of AVM Awareness videos with most of you asking for a similar platform, an opportunity to thank those on your care team.  We listened!  And this year, we chose to create a video montage (or "Tribute") for those who love and support the brain aneurysm and AVM community knowing that we'd see your shout-outs to docs, nurses, family, and more!

We want to thank you so much for the many likes, shares, emails and messages of support that we've received over social media so far.  It is heartening to know that you feel well served and supported by us here at TAAF.  And thank you too to those who wrote and shared your disappointment with not being able to participate just yet.  With messages like:

"THANK YOU for this chance, but I'm just not ready to be on camera."
"What would I say to other survivors?"
"How fun! I'm still not ready for Prime Time."

We understand and we will keep listening and doing our very best to present more and more opportunities for everyone to join in at their level of comfort.  After all, if aneurysm and AVMs have taught us all anything, it's to be flexible and to find new and creative ways to help one another.

So without further ado, please meet our World Gratitude Day Video Advocates.  3-4 will be released throughout the day from noon to 3PM.  Thank you again for your bravery and for spreading awareness as only you know how!


World Gratitude Day Video Advocates

Group One:  Meet Viel    Meet Susie & Brandon    Meet Rylan    Meet Fred
Group Two:  Meet Tammera    Meet Ras    Meet Bridget    Meet Kimmie & Nicole
Group Three:  
Meet Keya    Meet Missy    Meet Tatsiana
Group Four:  
Meet Leslye    Meet Grant    Meet Beth    Meet Marc